Board of Directors


Brent Berezowski

Vice –President
Alan Morasch

Josh Leins

Justin Wilkinson

Athlete Representative
Taylor Rooke

Athlete Representative
Jessica Hansen

Bobby Staniforth

Joan Rooke

Melissa Lowe

Taylor Austin

Joe Cecchini

4.01 Election and Term
Election and Term: Until otherwise determined by a Special Resolution at a General Meeting, the number of Directors shall be from five (5) to nine (9) Elected Directors, further subject to the provisions of Section 4.02.

The Election of Directors shall take place at each Annual Meeting of the Society. Each year a minimum of three positions will be up for Election however there shall be Elected sufficient Directors so that there are up to a total of five to nine Directors on the Board of Directors. Each Director shall be Elected for a term of three years, and the Directors so Elected shall form a Board and shall serve until their successors are Elected and installed. A Director’s term of office does not commence until the end of the meeting at which he, or she, was Elected.