Finish Team

The finish team consists of the following personal.

  • Chief of Finish
  • Finish timer—headset
  • Scabbard marshals
  • Weight marshals

Chief of Finish

  • Ensures that all personnel are in place and have a clear understanding of their role.
  • Ensures that the equipment necessary for the finish area is in place.
  • Ensure that the scale is working and the scale room is clean.

Finish Timer

  • Establishes communication between the start and the timing tower while the event is taking place.
  • Keeps talk on the headset to a minimum.
  • Record push and finish times of all teams for athletes.

Scabbard Marshals

  • Unload trucks and line up scabbards in order from the start list.
  • Ensure scabbards are labeled.
  • Assist the Chief of Finish, Jury member and weight marshal with the weighing of the scabbards.

Weight Marshals

  • Record the weight of all teams’ scabbards.
  • Weigh sleds that you are instructed to by the Jury.
  • Ensure that only the team and the Jury member are in the weight house while team is being weighed.
  • Ensure that all equipment the team came down with is in the sled. i.e., – helmets, toe rubbers, kidney belts, etc.
  • Record the weight and give final sheet to the Jury member
  • Remember it is not your responsibility to tell the athletes if they are over or under, it is the Jury members.